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So the gender chart? What causes men to go spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on day cruisers? I see cars for sale on custo justo, custo justo, standvirtual where it is obvious that someone possessed put $30, 000 worth of parts and goodies within their cars.

How so?

First, let’s take a glance at the conveniences of battery power electric cars:

1. EVs are simple to start compared to air powered cars. You never really “start” the vehicle. As long as your batteries are charged up, all the driver will is close the switch along with the car is on! No more accidentally grinding the starter or waiting for the car to heat. Turn the key; put it in gear, and go.

2. No longer tune-ups with an EV. You may need to change out the battery pack once in a while or replace a fuse, but the EV is incredibly low maintenance. Engine repairs are virtually not existent since electric motors are extremely reliable and long lasting. Older motors may require some use the brushes, but almost no, and hardly anything compared to the work required to keep an existing gas powered car going!

3. Cheap to own. At this time, electric cars are still expensive compared to gas powered cars. This has to do with the higher cost associated with relatively newer battery technological know-how, and the lack of real mass manufacturing of the components - economy involving scale. However, the EV costs several cents per mile to drive. The new Nissan Leaf bills about $0. 03 USD for any electricity! Try that which has a gas burner.

4. EVs are cool. At the present there are not many electric cars around. EVs are wide and varied, and still pretty fascinating. Maybe you can get a date over your EV!

Following, the environmental benefits:

1. Cleaner air. Note that we don’t claim that EVs have zero environmental impacts. All vehicles and manufactured machines typically put some dent inside environmental fabric. However, EVs are generally cleaner than gas power rigs, the carbon argument notwithstanding. It is argued that if the source of electricity is coal fired power plants that you are just moving the pollution from one place to another. This can be shown to be correct in some cases, but overall it can be a lame attempt to resist improvement.

Number 1; there is the option to switch to cleaner energy sources including wind, solar, wave, geothermal and solar power. In fact, it would be a good thing if EVs could force this switch!

Number two; electric cars use energy better than gas powered cars. Gas powered cars waste about 2/3 within their fuel in excess heating… gone, bye bye, up and away. Just think that of every $1. 00 you invest the gas tank, only $0. 33 goes towards actually moving you towards your destination! Electric cars use the majority their energy to move forward to where they are going. What a concept! Take a look at any electric car right now, they carry the electrical power equivalent of like 1 gallon associated with gasoline, but are doing the same job on most occasions. There is something you should not miss: